The Vibrant Brilliance of Lampe Nessino Orange: A Bold Statement Piece for Any Interior Design


Lampe Nessino Orange is a standout piece of lighting that brings a dynamic and striking element to any interior design project. Designed by Giancarlo Mattioli and Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Città Nuova in the 1960s, this lamp is a modern yet timeless masterpiece that stands out in any space. This article explores the unique features, benefits, and applications of Lampe Nessino Orange, and why it is a must-have for anyone in the interior design industry.

Features and Benefits

Lampe Nessino Orange is a revolutionary piece of lighting that features a distinctive domed shade in bright orange color. The lamp has a design that mimics a mushroom shape, with the shade being the cap and the base representing the stem of the mushroom.

One of the key benefits of Lampe Nessino Orange is the light it provides. Its dome-shaped shade emits a warm and inviting glow, making it ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in any room. The lamp’s adjustable shade also makes it perfect for accent lighting, which enables you to highlight specific areas in the room. This feature makes it an ideal lighting solution for task lighting when reading or working on a desk.

Another benefit is its versatility. Lampe Nessino Orange has a timeless design and can easily fit into any interior design style, from modern to eclectic. Its bold color and unique shape also make it a statement piece that catches the eye and creates a focal point in any room.


Lampe Nessino Orange is an ideal lighting solution for both residential and commercial interior design projects. When used in a residential setting, it can be used to create the perfect ambiance in living rooms, bedrooms, or even in outdoor spaces like patios and gardens. It can also be used as a bold accent piece in entryways and foyers, showcasing homeowners’ unique style.

In commercial spaces, Lampe Nessino Orange can be used to create a bold statement in waiting rooms, hallways, and conference rooms. It can also be used in cultural and artistic settings such as museums and galleries, where it can act both as a functional light source and as a piece of art in its own right.


In conclusion, Lampe Nessino Orange is a bold statement piece with a striking design and endless applications in modern interior design. Its adjustable lighting and versatile design make it an essential lighting solution for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and drama to their space. Whether used as a task light or an accent piece, Lampe Nessino Orange is sure to make a memorable and lasting impression. Any interior designer looking to create a bold, unique, and unforgettable space should consider including Lampe Nessino Orange to their arsenal of design tools.



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