Shine Bright: Exploring the Best Lighting Options from House of Fraser’s Ceiling Collection


House of Fraser is a popular retailer in the UK, offering consumers a vast selection of high-end lighting fixtures. Lighting plays an essential role in the home, setting the mood and creating a comfortable living environment. House of Fraser’s ceiling collection offers stylish options for every room in the house, from classic to modern designs. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best options for ceiling lighting from House of Fraser.

Classic Designs

For those who prefer a traditional look, House of Fraser offers a variety of classic ceiling lighting options. One popular fixture is the chandelier, which adds a touch of elegance to any room. The Linea Danielle Chandelier is a stunning example of classic design, featuring crystal droplets and a chrome finish. The Kennedy 6 Light Chandelier is another option, with its antique brass finish and candle-style lighting.

Another classic option is the flush mount. The House of Fraser’s own brand offers a range of flush mount fixtures, including the Fae Flush Light with its crystal shade and the Hensley Flush Light with its frosted glass shade. These fixtures are an excellent choice for smaller rooms or low ceilings, providing ambient lighting without taking up too much space.

Modern Designs

If you prefer a more modern look, House of Fraser has plenty of options to choose from as well. One example is the Iconic Lights Kai Semi-Flush Drum Light, which features a simple, sleek design with a fabric shade. The Kaelan Pendant Light is another standout option, featuring a geometric design in black and gold.

For a more industrial look, House of Fraser offers the Linea Industrial Ceiling Light, which features exposed bulbs and a black metal frame. Another option is the Gavigan Pendant Light, which features a black wire frame and six lights for maximum brightness.

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