Lighting Trends in Chattanooga TN

lighting trends chattanooga tn

Lighting trends chattanooga tn

Homeowners are creating personal design statements in their new kitchens by mixing materials and textures to create a vibrant energy. They are attracted to designs featuring combinations of wood, metal, quartz, stone, glass, brass and concrete.

The kitchen and bathroom are a place to gather family and friends around, so it is important for these spaces to be well-lit. This can be achieved by using a variety of options from traditional fixtures to smart-home technology that allows homeowners to control lighting in each room.

A professional lighting designer will analyze the layout, structure and needs of your Chattanooga TN home to create an effective lighting plan for each space. They will consider the types of light fixtures that will best suit each room, the amount of natural lighting available and the overall style and feel of the space.

For instance, if the living room is going to be used more as a TV area and will require a lot of reading lights and task lighting, they should consider installing motion-sensing and voice-activated light switches to make the room more functional and inviting.

Sculptural lighting is set to be popular across architecture and furniture trends in 2023, working to create relaxed interiors that feel soft, calm and inviting. These bespoke and commissioned lighting schemes are made specifically to meet the needs of each interior space, helping it to feel more personal and unique.

During the holidays, there are many special events and attractions that will feature millions of twinkling lights. Visit the Holiday Trail of Lights for a curated, follow-at-your-own-pace list that features major points of interest where you can see millions of lights while enjoying a festive meal or Santa sighting.

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