A Monograph on Ronan Bouroullec

le bouroullec

This monograph by Ronan Bouroullec is a retelling of the artist’s professional itinerary. It includes work for Vitra, the artist’s experience in ceramics, his work on grandes surfaces, his research around sound, and the evolution of his projects. The monograph is a rich and comprehensive resource for design enthusiasts.

Ronan Bouroullec

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are two brothers who are internationally recognized for their design work. Their work is featured in museums and publications around the world, and includes art objects, ceramics, and tableware. They also produce urban projects. Their work reflects their unique perspectives on design, technology, and functionality.

Born in rural Brittany, Ronan Bouroullec moved to Paris to study design. He got his big break in 1997 when he developed the Disintegrated Kitchen, a kitchen designed to be customized by the owner. He was noticed by Italian designer Giulio Cappellini, who later commissioned a design for the Disintegrated Kitchen. In 1999, his brother, Erwan, joined him at the design studio.

Erwan Le Draoulec

Born in Changy, Saone-et-Loire, Erwan le Draoulec is a young French sailboat skipper. He is almost 25 years old and is sailing the 15th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre. The race departs from Havre, France, and ends in Martinique.

He is currently the youngest participant on the line of departure, but he is capable of a wide range of sailing disciplines. He started his career sailing the mini 6.50 class and has since progressed to the class 40 and figaro 2.

Officina furniture

Officina is a collection of furniture that was developed by the Bouroullec brothers. The range features low and high tables with a variety of materials. The collection includes chairs and tables with geometrical legs. The pieces use age-old techniques to create sophisticated and refined pieces that create a sense of harmony. They also use hammered iron to give the pieces a special vibration.

The Officina collection is designed by France-based brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Inspired by their minimalist aesthetic, the Officina chair and stool feature a unique geometrical leg shape. The collection also includes a series of other items, including chairs with curved backs and simple stools.

Cloud vases

The Cloud Vases are a new line of handmade objects designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. They were designed to accompany the limited edition Drawings book. The distinctive shapes are created by extruding aluminum profiles. They feature an anodised finish, which creates a unique light and shadow interplay. The vases can be placed side by side or put together to form entire ‘cloud formations’.

The Bouroullec brothers are renowned for their experimental designs and perfection. The Cloud vases are no exception. While they may not have an obvious function, their unique shape and unique color combinations have a distinctly decorative aspect. The pair of brothers has also created furniture and installations based on circus themes and other whimsical themes.

Flos Aim lampe Liane

The Flos Aim lamp is a unique and modern light that can be installed on a ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. It has a cable and a diffuser that can be adjusted according to the height of the room. Its design was inspired by the vegetal world.

The Bouroullec brothers wanted to create lighting fixtures that would mimic the look of hanging plants. The AIM pendant is designed with a long cable that mimics a liane. The light diffuser can be adjusted from a lower point to the ceiling, making it an ideal option for living rooms and bedrooms.

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