Interior Design Practical Tips for Your Home

If you want to do interior decoration design, then the most important thing is to know in advance what interior decoration design must pay attention to or follow. Xiaobian listed the following points, I hope it can help you.

interior decoration design

Interior design principles

  1. The interior decoration design should meet the principle of use function. Reasonably configure furnishings and furniture, properly solve indoor ventilation, lighting and lighting, and pay attention to the overall effect of indoor color tone.
  2. The interior decoration design should meet the principle of spiritual function. If the indoor environment can highlight a certain idea and artistic conception, it will have a strong artistic appeal and better play its role in spiritual functions.
  3. The interior decoration design should meet the principles of modern technology. Modern interior decoration design, in order to make interior design better meet the requirements of spiritual function, we must make maximum use of the new achievements of modern science and technology.
  4. The interior decoration design should conform to the regional characteristics and the principle of national style. To reflect the national and regional characteristics to arouse people’s national self-esteem and self-confidence.
  5. Spatial elements. Rationalizing the space and giving people the feeling of beauty is the basic task of design.
  6. Color elements. In addition to affecting the visual environment, indoor color also directly affects people’s emotions and psychology.
  7. Light and shadow elements. Humans love the beauty of nature, and often direct sunlight into the interior to make the interior space more intimate and natural.
  8. Decorative elements. The indispensable building components in the overall indoor space, such as pillars, walls, etc., need to be decorated in combination with functions, and can together constitute the indoor environment.
  9. Display elements. Indoor furniture, carpets, curtains, etc. are all necessities of life.
  10. Green elements. Greening in interior design is an important means to improve the indoor environment.

Interior Design Essentials

  1. Base surface decoration Base surface is important in people’s field of vision. There are many contacts between the floor and people, the sight distance is close, and it is in dynamic change. It is one of the important factors of interior decoration. The form of the base surface There are many kinds, many types, many patterns, and rich colors. The design should be consistent with the entire space environment and complement each other to achieve good results.
  2. Wall decoration In the indoor visual range, the wall is perpendicular to the line of sight of people, and it is in an obvious position. At the same time, the wall is the part that people often touch, so the decoration of the wall is of great significance for interior design.
  3. Ceiling decoration The ceiling is an important part of interior decoration, and it is also a varied and eye-catching interface in interior space decoration. It has a strong sense of perspective. Through different treatments, it can enhance the spatial appeal and make the ceiling The face shape is colorful, novel and beautiful.

This is the introduction to the relevant knowledge of interior decoration design. If you are also good at discovering beauty in life, then decoration design should be a problem.

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