12 Most Popular Outdoor Sports You’ll Love

Outdoor sports refer to all sports carried out outdoors for the purpose of fitness, leisure and entertainment, while outdoor sports in a narrow sense refer to those carried out outdoors for the purpose of fitness, leisure and entertainment. Participants exercise their body and mind through hard work. , so that you can get close to nature and feel the natural movement.

Common classification of outdoor projects

Surface sports: snorkeling; swimming; sailing; sailing diving: sailing, yachts, motorboats, jet skis, rafting.

Land sports: cross, runaway, off-road. Cycling and hiking: long-distance road bikes, cross-country mountain bikes, mountain downhill.

Mountain sports: trekking, mountain crossing, climbing mountaineering, climbing snow-capped mountains. Underground Activities Mountaineering: Climbing: rock climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing.

Camping activities: simulated field battles, outreach training, desert island survival. Fishing, BBQ cooking. Photography and sketching, investigation of historical sites, geological investigations, and investigation of folk customs.

Motor boats: mountain off-road, road racing. Cars: racing, adventure, travel. Skiing: skiing, ice skating, wakeboarding, skateboarding. Aviation sports: skydiving, paragliding, gliders.

Ice climbing: Ice climbing is divided into natural site rock climbing and artificial site rock climbing. Ice climbing is developed from rock climbing. It is a compulsory subject for climbing mountains and snow-capped mountains, and it is also one of the basic skills of mountaineering.

Downhill: Under the guidance and protection of the coach, the downhill uses a variety of professional and coaching equipment to provide mountaineering equipment, and the coach will guide the use of the equipment and technical movements on the spot, fly on the natural steep wall or indoors, and use ropes to climb from the top of the rock wall. Descend to the ground.

Camping: Camping in the wild for a picnic, learn various wild life skills and keep yourself alive.

Adventure: Adventures are mostly dangerous and belong to extreme sports, which are very challenging and exciting, mainly to challenge themselves.

Climbing and traversing: Both climbing and traversing require specialized equipment and preparations for the necessities of life.

Diving: Diving generally refers to all underwater activities, bring oxygen equipment according to your preference, and swim as deep as the human body can bear.

Surfing: Surfing is a water sport that utilizes surfboards and surfing waves. Equipped with surfboards and safety ropes tied to the feet, it is a more exciting exercise.

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