Lee Broom’s Aurora: Illuminating the Interiors with a Celestial Glow

When it comes to illuminating the interiors, few designers can beat the brilliance of Lee Broom, an award-winning British designer who creates lighting fixtures as artworks that transform the space into an illuminated wonderland. His latest creation, the Aurora collection, is a series of lit sculptures that evoke the splendor of the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora borealis, with their ethereal beauty and atmospheric aura.

The Inspiration Behind the Aurora Collection

Lee Broom drew inspiration from his visit to Iceland, where he witnessed the breathtaking display of Aurora borealis, a natural phenomenon caused by the interaction of charged particles from the sun with Earth’s atmosphere that creates a vivid, multicolored light show in the sky. The Aurora collection captures the essence of this celestial display with hand-cut and hand-beveled glass bulbs that radiate a soft, diffused light and create a mellow, iridescent glow that spreads and reflects like the Northern Lights.

The Design of the Aurora Collection

The Aurora collection consists of four different designs that can be used individually or in combination to create a poetic and mesmerizing interior. The designs are:

Aurora Linear

Aurora Linear is a pendant light that features a series of interconnected glass bulbs suspended from a polished metallic frame in a linear arrangement. The bulbs are available in three colors: clear, lavender, and sepia, and can be customized to any length to suit the space. The linear configuration allows for a versatile positioning of the light above a dining table, a bar, or a kitchen island, creating a harmonious yet dynamic effect.

Aurora Triangular

Aurora Triangular is a chandelier that comprises triangular glass bulbs arranged in a pyramid shape and suspended from a polished metallic framework. The chandelier is available in three sizes and three colors: clear, lavender, and sepia, and can be arranged in different configurations to suit the needs of the space. The triangular shape of the bulbs creates a dramatic and sculptural effect that adds a touch of magic to any room.

Aurora Orb

Aurora Orb is a spherical pendant light that features a single glass bulb encased in a metallic sphere with a reflective finish. The bulb is available in clear, lavender, and sepia, and creates a warm and inviting glow when lit. The reflective sphere adds a playful dimension to the piece, as it reflects the surroundings and creates a sense of depth and wonder.

Aurora Globe

Aurora Globe is a table lamp that features a glass bulb sitting on a polished metallic base, reminiscent of a planet orbiting the sun. The bulb is available in clear, lavender, and sepia, and emits a gentle light that resembles a starry night sky. The metallic base adds a futuristic and sci-fi touch to the lamp, making it a conversation starter in any room.

The Impact of the Aurora Collection on the Interiors

The Aurora collection transcends the mere function of lighting and becomes a work of art that transforms the interiors into a celestial wonderland. The soft, diffused light creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere that envelops the space in a warm embrace. The colors of the bulbs add a subtle touch of whimsy and romance that evoke the mystical quality of the Aurora borealis. The design of the collection allows for a versatile positioning of the lights, creating a dynamic and cohesive effect that enhances the beauty of the space.

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