Off-Centered Lampadario Over the Table: An Elegant Design Choice


Lighting plays a significant role in interior design, and selecting the right type of lighting fixture can make all the difference. One of the popular choices in recent years has been the Lampadario decentrato sul tavolo, which translates to off-centered chandelier over the table. The design choices behind the placement of such lighting fixtures are both functional and aesthetic. In this article, we will explore the benefits and aesthetic appeal of off-centered Lampadario over the table in detail.


Notably, the use of a Lampadario decentrato sul tavolo is often preferred when you have longer tables that require even lighting for guests sitting around it. The off-centered design makes sure that there are no obstructions from the fixture to the guests allowing them to communicate easily. Additionally, the lighting emanating from such fixtures can help define or accentuate the middle of the table. This will help draw the focus of the space centered around the table.

Design Appeal

Apart from its functionality, the off-centered Lampadario sul tavolo is an elegant design choice that can elevate a room’s overall aesthetic appearance. With their grand and luxurious look, chandeliers are often regarded as the centerpiece of grandeur in interior design. By adding that extra touch of charm, it is possible to transform a normal room into a luxurious space.

Placement and Installation

The placement of an off-centered chandelier over the table is dependent on the room’s overall layout and the table’s positioning. Typically, such chandeliers are installed along the width of the table, with the center of the fixture aligned with the table’s center. The distance between the table and the fixture should be such that it provides adequate lighting without causing glare. Dining tables with odd lengths, i.e. not a multiple of two, may require careful calculation of the off-center design to ensure proper lighting.

Material Choice

The choice of material used for off-centered Lampadario sul tavolo is crucial in bringing out the desired aesthetic appeal. Choosing a crystal chandelier creates a traditional and grandeur look, often associated with palaces and grand places. However, the choice of material can affect the fixture’s weight, and one should be wary of how much weight the ceiling can hold. In contrast, metal and iron chandeliers can bring uniqueness to the room and are a popular choice for modern interior designs.

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