The Iconic 1970 Lampshade: A Tribute to Mid-Century Design


The 1970s were a time of great social and cultural upheaval, and this revolution was reflected in the design styles of the era. From fashion to architecture, the 1970s brought about a range of new design styles that continue to influence us to this day. One of the most iconic designs of this era was the lampshade. Designed with abstract geometric shapes and bold colors, the lampshade of the 1970s has become a timeless design classic that is still in demand today. This article examines the 1970 Lampshade and its impact on mid-century design.

The Design of the 1970 Lampshade:

The design of the 1970 Lampshade was inspired by a number of different sources. One of the key influences was the art of the 1960s, which celebrated vivid colors and abstract shapes. The lampshade employed these design motifs and added to them by incorporating curves and angles to create an intricate geometric pattern. The result was a lampshade that was simple yet intricate, bold yet refined, and full of life.

The Colors of the 1970 Lampshade:

The colors used in the 1970 Lampshade were an essential part of its design. The bold use of color was a hallmark of the 1970s, and the lampshade took this to new heights. Bright shades of orange, yellow, green, and red were often used, creating a vibrant and stimulating effect. When paired with other elements of mid-century design, such as wooden furniture and shag carpeting, the lampshade helped to create an overall aesthetic that was both visually stunning and cohesive.

The Materials of the 1970 Lampshade:

The materials used in the 1970 Lampshade were important to its overall design as well. The most common materials were plastic, acrylic, and fabric. The use of these materials allowed for the creation of a wide variety of shapes and textures, as well as the incorporation of multiple colors. The use of these materials also helped to make the lampshades affordable and accessible to a wider audience.

The Enduring Popularity of the 1970 Lampshade:

Today, the 1970 Lampshade is still a popular design choice for those who want to add a touch of mid-century charm to their home. The lampshade can be found in a variety of different styles, from traditional to modern interpretations. Vintage versions of the lampshade can be found at antique stores and flea markets, while new versions can be purchased from many contemporary designers. Still, the design remains true to its original roots, and the lampshade continues to inspire new generations of designers.

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