How to Style Long Hair

how style long hair

If you have long hair, you may wonder how style it. Thankfully, there are many ways to create various styles. However, you should first take your hair type into consideration. You can use heat protectant or chemical relaxers to straighten your hair. Afterward, you can apply a curling iron to add waves or curls.

The best way to make your long hair look beautiful is to choose a dimensional color blend. This will add dimension to your style, while allowing you to maintain your natural color. To do this, you will need to use a few shades of your natural hair color. It is also recommended that you use a diffuser to achieve the most volume.

Another way to style your hair is by braiding. Braiding can be done easily and looks very elegant. Whether you braid the front section of your hair or simply twist the back, braiding can give you a sexy look. After braiding, you can brush the rest of your hair back to create a polished look.

A great hairstyle for long hair is the low bun. The bun can be placed in the back of the head near the crest of the head. You can also decorate the bun with giant orchids or diamond rings. In addition, you can wear a stretchy headband to dress up the look.

Another way to style your hair is to wear a side ponytail. This is a quirky style that you can change up depending on the occasion. As long as you have the right products, it is easy to achieve this style. Just make sure to avoid pulling the hair too hard.

Aside from the side ponytail, you can also try a pigtail bun. Pigtails are popular with children, but they can be a good option for controlling your long hair.

When you are deciding which style to wear, you should consider your face shape and hair type. You can also wear bangs. But you should make sure that the bangs complement your face. While it is best to avoid a blunt cut on long hair, a straight fringe bang can look great on curly or wavy hair.

Another fun way to style your hair is by using a blow dryer. Make sure to use the correct temperature. Using a brush is better than a comb if you have long hair. Adding bobby pins will help direct your new part, although the bobby pins will leave a slight indent in the hair.

You can also use a texture clay to slick your hair back into place. Aside from adding volume, clay can be used to hold your side part. Once the hair is in place, you can finish it with a bit of hairspray.

Lastly, you can wear your hair in a loose half up braid. This is the latest trend, and it is a quick and easy way to style your hair. For extra volume, add hair ties.

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