Serge Mouille 3 Arm Ceiling Lamp

serge mouille 3 arm ceiling

Designed by the renowned French industrial designer Serge Mouille, the Serge Mouille 3 Arm Ceiling Lamp is a beautiful and functional lighting piece. It was first introduced in the 1950s. The Three Arm Ceiling Pendant is a sculptural fixture that can be rotated upward and downward up to 270 degrees. This is an ideal light for modern homes and entryways. You can also use it as a reading lamp.

As a designer, Mouille pushed the boundaries of lighting design. He developed a distinctive kinetic and sculptural aesthetic. His work is in museum collections across the world. Many of his designs were made using a uniform black painted metal material.

With its sleek lines and angular shapes, this lighting fixture is an icon of French modernist designs. The Serge Mouille ceiling light is available in black or white enamel finishes. Each model is numbered and has a certificate of authenticity signed by the factory.

The Serge Mouille 3 Arm Ceiling Lamp features three rotatable arms. These arms are formed with iron and are swivelled to the left and right. They are supported by a tripod shade with a molded lacquered metal interior. Brass fittings and swivel connections complete the design. The 3 Arm ceiling light is available in a white or black finish.

In addition to the rotating lights, the Serge Mouille Three Arm Ceiling Pendant is also equipped with a moveable head that can be tilted to almost any position. It is ideal for dining rooms, living areas, and entryways. If you are looking for a simple and stylish design that can add a touch of elegance to any room, this is an excellent choice.

Using the same quality standards as the originals, the Serge Mouille lighting fixtures are crafted with utmost care. The fixtures feature delicate lines and refined steel tubes. Unlike many other lighting solutions, the Three Arm Rotating Ceiling Lamp is capable of illuminating the entire room.

For modern homes and businesses, the Serge Mouille Three Arm Ceiling Lamp is a great choice. It features a beautiful insect-like design and a sculptural aesthetic that is reminiscent of the original three-arm floor lamp. However, unlike the original, this ceiling lamp is suspended, making it an interesting option for any room.

The Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamp is a unique lighting fixture that is ideal for modern living rooms, foyers, and hallways. Featuring a duckbill lampshade, a sculptural design, and an ideal balance, it is an impressive addition to any home. Also known as the “Insect Light,” this lamp provides focused illumination with a soft glow.

Serge Mouille’s sculptural works are known for their artistic merit and functionality. Although they are rare, you can now order an authentic 1950s French lighting collection. Whether you prefer to buy a single or multiple lights, these pieces will add a stunning accent to your home.

Designed in 1958, the Three Arm Multi-Light Pendant was inspired by a stick bug’s silhouette. Each arm angles slightly down, and the canopy is slender and elegantly crafted.

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