Paintings of Lights

paintings of lights

Throughout history, paintings of lights have appeared in many different cultures. Some of these include Francisco de Goya, Josef Herman, Willem Claesz Heda, and Tadashi Shinkawa. The paintings of lights are works of art that are meant to evoke a particular mood or emotion. They are sometimes also used to express a message or point of view.

Francisco de Goya

During his time as an artist in Spain, Francisco de Goya was known as an influential figure in the art world. He was also a keen collector of paintings. His works reflected the times, such as the portraits of the Doctors of the Church.

This particular painting is one of Goya’s more dramatic works. It depicts military executions of civilians against a barren hill. It is a large and monumental painting. The sitter appears to be holding a piece of paper, but the composition doesn’t have a clear focal point.

Josef Herman

Among the lesser known but still interesting British artists of the 1950s was Josef Herman. The’spine’ of his work is a series of paintings depicting the lives of Welsh miners.

The work of Josef Herman has been exhibited in Britain and abroad. His paintings have been held in many major public collections. His work has also been included in publications such as The Modern British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture. He was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts in 1990. He was awarded an OBE in 1981 for his services to British art.

Willem Claesz Heda

Known for his still life paintings of lights, Willem Claesz Heda was a Dutch artist. Born in Haarlem, Netherlands, Heda was a member of the Saint Luke’s Guild. His paintings are in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the National Gallery in London and many other museums. Heda’s paintings feature a monochrome color scheme with olive-gray backgrounds.

Heda’s paintings also feature a lot of ornamental silver objects and Venetian glasses. These objects are especially notable for the way in which they intensify contrasts of values.

Tadashi Shinkawa

Getting your hands on Tadashi Shinkawa’s Paintings of Lights has never been more rewarding. If the man is not your cup of tea, you might as well mosey on over to The Botanical House for some of the best brews in town. The website scours the globe for the best craft beers, cocktails and eats. The website has an impressive number of awards and accolades to boot. If you’re a true blue swagger, you can be a part of the club.


Using light as his medium, British artist Brian ENO has produced an extraordinary body of work. His light boxes are cocoon-like environments that reveal infinite combinations of colour and light. They also create physical effects.

For his most recent project, ENO collaborated with sculptor Andrew Logan. The resulting piece, Greeting to the Sun, is a solar panel made of a grid of LED lights. It plays colourful lights from dusk to dawn.

ENO studied theory at Winchester School of Art and later became a graphic technology practitioner. He lived in Paris for seven years before returning to England. He has exhibited work worldwide since the end of the seventies. He is also the producer of David Bowie’s albums. His work explores themes of light, time, and sound. He is also known for creating ambient music.

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