Isamu Noguchi Lamp Floor

noguchi lamp floor

The Akari 14A Floor Lamp by Isamu Noguchi blurs the lines between organic furniture design and sculpture. Handcrafted in Gifu, Japan, this unique floor lamp features a steel wire base with washi paper covering. It has a distinctive Noguchi signature, and is designed to accommodate a 40W E27 230V bulb.

Isamu Noguchi

If you have ever wondered what a Japanese-American artist did in the 1950s, you may be interested in viewing an Isamu Noguchi lamp floor. Noguchi was an acclaimed multidisciplinary artist who designed countless architectural elements, including furniture, lighting, and interiors. His designs explored the relationship between space and material and merged Japanese aesthetics with Western modernism to create some of the most iconic design objects of the twentieth century.

Isamu Noguchi was born in Los Angeles, California in 1904, and was the son of Japanese poet Yone Noguchi and an American writer, Leonie Gilmour. He attended Columbia University and the Leonardo da Vinci Art School, where he established his first independent studio. Noguchi was also a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1927 and was assistant to French artist Constantin Brancusi. His first solo exhibition was held in New York City in 1927. Noguchi traveled to China to study brush drawing, and he also studied pottery with master potter Jinmatsu Uno.

Akari Light Sculptures

The Akari Light Sculptures are an innovative group of floor lamps designed by the Japanese artist and designer Isamu Noguchi. The name Akari means light in Japanese and refers to both physical lightness and illumination. Noguchi was inspired by the lanterns used by fishermen in Gifu, which are made from bamboo and covered with fine paper.

Each Akari Light Sculptures is individually handcrafted in Gifu, Japan. The bamboo rods are stretched across a wooden form, which determines the shape of the light object. Then, the bamboo ribbing is covered with washi paper, which is made from the bark of the mulberry tree. Once the glue dries, the wooden form is removed. The lamp is then packed in a flat box.

Paper floor lamps

Isamu Noguchi’s paper floor lamps were designed in 1951 and are reminiscent of traditional Japanese lanterns. Made of washi paper, a quality, resistant paper that has been hand-crafted in Japan since the 7th century, these lamps have a delicate, light appearance.

Noguchi’s designs were a continuation of his work. In addition to creating a variety of towering rock sculptures, he also created a line of lamps that incorporated his sculpture-for-use philosophy. Today, you can find Noguchi’s rice paper lamps in retail outlets like IKEA.

Isamu Noguchi started designing his AKARI Light Sculptures in 1951. The name Akari means “light” in Japanese and connotes both physical lightness and illumination. During his trip to Gifu, Japan, he was inspired to design a modern version of a traditional paper lamp. The result was the first Akari lamp. Noguchi’s work evolved into over 100 models, ranging in size from 24 to 290 cm.

Japanese style

If you want a magical light to enhance your home, try a Japanese style Noguchi lamp. These lamps are both elegant and affordable, and are available in both floor lamps and hanging pendants. You can also find real Akari for sale online, and a large one will look chic on your living room floor.

Designed in 1951, the Akari Noguchi Lamp floor lamp by Isamu Noguchi is reminiscent of Japanese paper lanterns. The light is reflected off of a washi paper sheet, a type of paper that has been handcrafted in Japan since the 7th century. The paper is then attached to bamboo slats for a delicate appearance.

The Japanese style Noguchi lamp floor lamp is a fusion of traditional and modern design. Its form is derived from the shape of the bamboo rods that stretch across the wooden forms created by Noguchi. The washi paper, which is made from the bark of the mulberry tree, is then glued to the bamboo ribbing. After the glue has dried, the wooden form is removed. These lamps are then packaged in flat boxes.


If you are searching for a unique, high-quality floor lamp for your home, the Noguchi lamp floor may be just what you need. This Japanese-inspired lamp gives off a warm glow, ideal for reading or lounging. It is a stylish way to display tchotchkes, and will add a touch of sophistication to any room.

If you’re considering buying a Noguchi lamp floor, keep in mind that these pieces can be pricey. Several of them are priced over $4,000. If you want to save money and choose a less expensive floor lamp, there are many options available. For example, you can buy a lamp that looks like a column on Amazon or Wayfair for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for a unique floor lamp, consider the Akari Noguchi Floor Lamp. This Japanese-designed lamp blurs the line between organic furniture design and sculpture. It is handmade by artisans in Gifu, Japan from washi paper and steel wire. This lamp has a Noguchi signature and requires an E27 (230V) bulb.

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