The Benefits of a Circular Black Light

circular black light

A circular black light is an important tool for pest control. A single black light facing one direction can attract more insects than two lights facing in opposite directions. This is because the light surrounding the black light has a color spectrum that ranges from deep blue to yellow. Another benefit of a circular light is that it can be used to attract insects that might otherwise be difficult to attract.

Sylvania FC22W T9 BL368

This Sylvania FC22W T9-BL368 circular black light is a powerful tool for attracting and trapping insects. It emits UV-A radiation with a wavelength of 368nm. Fly traps and other insect-attracting devices also use this type of light.

The Sylvania FC22W T9-BL368 circular black light is a 22-watt UV-A fluorescent light that emits UV-A radiation at a wavelength of 368nm. It is used in fly traps and fly killers, among other applications. It has a lifespan of approximately 12 months, and is recommended for indoor and outdoor use.

Circular Blacklight UV tubes are G10q-compatible and emit UV radiation at 368nm. Older models had a 350nm wavelength. They are commonly used in bug zappers and fly killers, as well as in curing plastics and resins.

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