Walkie Talkies

The Purpose of Using walkie talkies

Even after mobile phones becoming commonplace, walkie talkies are still used in many industries. These devices are used at sites where people not in the line of sight want to talk to each other immediately. Verbal instruction can be issued to many people at one go. These features make a walkie talkie useful in various applications.

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Industries Where a Walkie Talkie Is Used

It is used in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, medical, shipping, port, retail, event management, warehouse, hospitality and many other industries. Workers, operators, drivers, supervisors and other people use these devices to communicate at the site and on the job. When building large structures, some big materials are moved and placed at the construction site with the help of multiple workers, operators, supervisors and engineers. The person in charge at the construction site has to constantly issue different types of instructions to people involved in such tasks. Security personnel in all industries depend on this rugged and reliable device to talk to their counterparts immediately. Alerts can be issued to all security staff with just one call. Police, military, navy and other government forces use this device extensively. They are allowed to use radio frequencies that are not available for civilian use.

The Benefits of Walkie talkie over the Mobile Phone

A mobile phone requires using the services of a telecom company. It does not have the immediate communication relay effect that a walkie talkie provides. It does not work in areas where the mobile signal is weak or non-existent. Sometimes, a mobile user does not receive an incoming call immediately. A walkie talkie works better than a mobile phone in many critical jobs where instructions must be relayed and executed immediately. Use of multiple mobile phones increases the communication cost because each phone requires paying its telecom service charge separately. While a mobile can be used for video conferencing, the cost of this facility can be high. A team supervisor can relay instruction to several members at the same time using a walkie talkie. The cost of communication at the site comes down significantly by using this device. It offers better safety features because it cannot be hacked. No one can spy on the communication outside the limited range of the device. The walkie talkie brings down the cost of onsite communication in many industries.

Types of Walkie talkie

It is available in four varieties.

Two-Way Radio -- The device is used for both receiving and transmitting the signal. It works with the radio systems working on the same frequency.

Repeater - This communication device connects two radio operators. It covers a very large area like a ranch, county or city.

Licensed Radio - Also called ham radio or amateur radio, it is used for non-commercial radio communication. It is useful in emergency communication, self training, private recreation, radio sport and other purposes.

Smart walkie talkie - It covers the whole nation and even the whole planet. The device requires pairing with a smartphone. It can be used for talking as well as sending and receiving text messages.